I’m a freelance WordPress designer based in Long Island, New York. I started freelancing in 2002 and have been fortunate enough to work with great people and organizations in the past 15+ years.

I specialize in designing and building clean, simple websites using WordPress. My goal is to do great work, for

Quick info

  • Pricing: Project based
  • Next availability: 2 weeks
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I use a very popular platform to build all of my websites. I have worked with all platforms in the past and for me, WordPress is the best tool out there for developing clean, simple websites.

Why choose me?

  • My projects are delivered on time and within budget. All changes to the projects timescales and costs are communicated between us and agreed on.
  • Fast response. I respond quickly to all questions.
  • I work with you throughout the project so that the end product will exceed expectations, not just meet them.
  • Communication is key. Although I am proficient in most IT environments, I pride myself in being able to communicate clearly and without using technical jargon you may hear from other developers.

Agency quality

As a freelance web designer I can still provide each of my clients with agency standard service and still remain flexible and affordable.

  • You will receive estimates, proposals, contracts and invoices that are professional grade.
  • Project management is vital, so I use Basecamp to manage all of my projects. I find it makes communicating and planning a breeze. I also use my own process for planning, designing and developing your website that can be adapted to suit your needs.
  • When designing my WordPress projects I use local, staging and production servers, this will keep your site safe and you will be able to see changes before they are ‘live’.

Complete solution

All of my clients receive a complete web solution.

  • I will work with you through the early stages of your project planning and assist you with any research
  • I can offer advice on information architecture and best practices for user experience
  • design your website and discuss any tweaks or changes and when we are both satisfied, I will build the site for you.

SEO and security best practices are important when designing your website and is built right into your site. I offer on-going support for any upgrades you may need as well as any.

Client Based

I pride myself on my client relationships. They are built on communication and respect. A client based approach encourages client involvement throughout the project and respects the knowledge and expertise that we can offer each other.

Code ownership

My clients are given complete access to their websites, this includes any code and databases. Should you decide to use someone, you can. I will not lock you  in to working with me.

Large projects

I have a number of developers and designers that I work with from time to time. Depending on the size of your project, I can quickly put a team of expert developers and designers together, to handle the big stuff.

What next?

My portfolio page has examples of my work in the past. If you like what you see and you’re ready to get started then head over to my contact page.

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